A Year to Be Proud Of!


July 2017

By Laurence Kaldor, President of the VCLF

LET’S KEEP THE MOMENTUM GOING! I’M PLEASED  to report that with your help, the Valley Community Legal Foundation, the charitable arm of the San Fernando Valley Bar Association, is once again prospering. Giving back to the community feels, frankly, pretty good, and this fiscal year you have so much to be proud of, such as our successful 2016-2017 fundraising efforts; the well-received 2017 Virtual Gala honoring the careers of Judge Susan Speer and retired LAPD Detective Bill Speer; the creation of the Barry T. Harlan Memorial Fund; our 2017 grants and scholarships recipients; and the effective community outreach programs for our Valley law magnets and Law Post students, which included our support for the recent production of Defamation: The Play.

As many of you know, we have taken painstaking efforts to streamline our fundraising efforts to ensure that a much greater percentage of each dollar donated goes directly
to support worthy community causes. Furthermore, we’ve truncated our annual “ask” so that there is only one big push each year.

Additionally, I’m pleased to report that the Foundation’s relationship with the San Fernando Valley Bar Association is stronger than it has been in years, with the two organizations looking forward to working together more effectively in the coming years.

As the VCLF continues to rebuild its own Board, I am happy to report that our governing body is running leaner and more efficiently than it has in years and that everyone is engaged, enthusiastic and committed to fulfilling our mission.

As our momentum builds, we’re welcoming new members who share our love for the San Fernando Valley and our passion for community service. We currently have four open seats that we are hoping to fill with members of the SFVBA, two open seats for non-attorney-members, and one open seat for an interested bench officer, either currently working or retired.

Non-attorney business professionals are encouraged to apply for VCLF board positions, as our board is always looking to enlist community-driven people with diverse and specialized skills, including accounting, marketing, photography, computer graphics, and web-design.

So, what is the commitment? All members are expected to attend and participate in board meetings—held monthly with the exception of July and December—and are expected to participate in VCLF charitable events in some capacity.
All members are also expected to make a minimum nominal contribution or provide a “give-get” in their name.

It is also my sincere hope that incoming members will actively serve on the 2017-2018 Scholarship Committee that will evaluate and assess the scores of qualified Valley students.

To become a candidate for the VCLF Board of Directors for the upcoming year or to nominate a colleague, please email me directly at info@thevclf.org.

I would be remiss if I didn’t take a moment to remind all SFVBA members to check the box and give to the VCLF and/ or the newly created Barry T. Harlan Memorial Fund when you renew your SFVBA membership this summer. If every member gave the minimum suggested tax-deductible donation of $20, the Foundation would not have the ongoing and pressing need for substantial fundraising throughout the year.

Lastly, as VCLF President, I am humbled by the opportunity you’ve given me to serve our community and I look forward to working with all of you for the remainder of this fiscal year, as well as an exciting and promising 2017-2018.

For all of you who have participated and contributed to making this the best year ever for the Valley Community Legal Foundation, a sincere and heartfelt thank you.