Our Mission

Our Vision & Values

-To become better known in the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles County and the State of California.
-To have a Law Day Gala which is a fundraising and social event.

-Respect the law.
-Honor law enforcemet and firefighters.
-Promote communty access to justice.
-Promote education in law-related careers.
-Encourage responsible leadership.

Our Mission

Our Mission

The Valley Community Legal Foundation of the San Fernando Valley Bar Association mission is:

-To support law-related programs that assist children, families, domestic violence victims and those in need.
-To enhance community access to the cours.
-To provide educational opportunities and scholarships to the students who demonstrate an interest in law-related studies.
-To recognize and honor the achievements of law enforcement and firefighters.

Defamation The Play

Defamation The Play

Educating Our Kids Begins with YOU.

VCLF is proud to sponsor 600 high school students to attend the nationally acclaimed play, Defamation, which puts the students in the jury box of this riveting courtroom drama. Defamation explores highly charged issues of race, religion, class and the law. Hon. Virginia Keeny will lead a pre-show dialogue with students

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President’s Greeting

Attorney Laurence Kaldor, President of the Valley Community Legal Foundation.

The Valley Community Legal Foundation (VCLF) is the charitable arm of the San Fernando Valley Bar association. The foundation was created for and exists to assist law related projects, battered and abused spouses and needy children and students that are considering law as a career. The view CLF is a registered 501(c)(3) organization and has a tax identification number of 95–3397334.

Many persons do not think the charitable deeds and attorneys and their bar associations go together. One of the purposes of the foundation is to not only assist the support of attorneys, corporations, businesses, and individuals but to also demonstrate that attorneys can work together for the betterment of the San Fernando Valley.

Over the years the VCL F has funded many were the projects and organizations such as haven hills, the “teddy bear” program in juvenile court, awarded grants and scholarships to students and other such worthwhile efforts.

For those of you that go to court, you will notice that there are children’s waiting rooms in the Van Nuys and San Fernando Court houses. The VCL F was instrumental in the creation of these safe Havens for children. Imagine the stress placed on the child who accompanies a parent to family law court regarding proceedings file by one parent against the other. In the past, the child had to either wait in the hallway by themselves or in the court room and listen to his or her parents tell Judge “bad things” about the other parent. Thanks to the children’s waiting rooms, the child can be left in a supervised room and not have to be subjected to the bickering of their parents.