Thank you for your support. Please consider the following supporter levels:

General Fund

To support all the activities of the VCLF, including scholarships and grants.

Blankets for the Homeless Fund

To support VCLF’s joint project with the SFVBA to provide blankets for the homeless in the Valley.

In Memory of Hon. Richard G. Kolostian, Sr.

As supervising judge in the Northwest District of the Los Angeles Superior Court, he attended and staunchly supported the VCLF’s many scholarship programs.

In Memory of Barry T. Harlan, Esq.

He was a family law attorney with the law firm of Lewitt Hackman in the Valley. He was a VCLF board member for more than 10 years. He instituted the VCLF’s gala fundraiser, raising its profile in the community. Notable honorees under Barry’s leadership included Erin Brockovich and the 9/11 search and rescue team from Los Angeles.

In Memory of Sandra Ruth Davisson, Esq.

She was a family law attorney, who, with her partner and husband, Dan Davisson, volunteered extensive amounts of time to the underrepresented in the Valley. The two were recognized by the SFVBA in 2014 with the prestigious Lintz award for service to the community.

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