Home 9 projects 9 Results of the 2024 VCLF Super Bowl Squares Fundraiser

Thank you VERY much to all who donated to the 2024 VCLF Super Bowl Squares Fundraiser!  Those who donated were assigned randomly to the squares on our grid before the game, and the number of squares assigned to each person was based on the amount of their donation.  Thanks to the generosity of our participants, we sold many squares, including many at the very last minute.  However, a few squares remained unsold and unassigned.  The grid squares that corresponded with the 2nd and 3rd quarter game scores were unassigned, so there were no winners there.  But we did have lucky winners for the 1st quarter and the Overtime Final, as follows:

1st quarter:    Hon. Michael R. Amerian      Prize:  $   125.00

OT final:        Keven Steinberg                   Prize:  $1,000.00

Hearty congratulations to both winners!!!! And again, thank you to all participants!  Your contributions will fund the Constitution and Me program, scholarships and other educational programs of the VCLF, benefitting Valley students interested in careers in law and law enforcement.