Rising to New Heights

Rising to New Heights

JANNYDA SRE FIRST participated in the Boys and Girls Club of Pomona Valley the summer before her freshman year of high school and has been intimately involved ever since. She attributes the life affirming lessons and incalculable benefits of the organization to her bright future ahead as she proudly soldiers through her freshman year at UCLA.

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Helping Jayden Find Family

Helping Jayden Find Family

THEY THOUGHT THEY WERE just going to see a baseball game. But when six-year-old Jayden and his newly adoptive mother, Shellie, arrived at the minor-league Kane County Cougars’ ballpark in Geneva, Illinois over Labor Day weekend…

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Going From Survive to Thrive

Going From Survive to Thrive

RUBY ANTOSH COMES FROM a troubled past, to be sure, but her future is brighter than ever, thanks to the Boys and Girls Club of the West Valley, and support from local attorneys through the Valley Community Legal Foundation (VCLF) of the San Fernando Valley Bar Association.

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Amanda: A Victim No More

Amanda: A Victim No More

THE VCLF IS PROUD TO support Save Passages and their empowerment of victims of domestic abuse.

Breaking free of the chains of domestic abuse is not an easy thing. Long after the source of physical, sexual or emotional abuse is removed, the memories of abuse remain a constant challenge…

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A Little Help Goes A Lifetime…

A Little Help Goes A Lifetime…

AS A CHILD, MARGO AKOPOV admits that her father’s world of addiction and abuse were something she was blind to “for only in my lacerated memories do I recall the welded stench of toxic, sweat, and liquor that had stalked my father into oblivion,” she says. “Guided by the countless number of cigarettes that fed his ravenous cancer, my father had ignited his own death.”

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Anti-Recidivism Coalition and Root & Rebound Announce New Partnership to Expand Reentry Legal Services in Southern California
July 11, 2018 – The Anti-Recidivism Coalition (ARC) and Root and Rebound (R&R) are thrilled to announce a new partnership – the Southern California Reentry & Advocacy Project – that will pair comprehensive reentry support with high-quality legal services to ensure that individuals returning home from incarceration to Los Angeles County are able to live healthy, fulfilling lives, breaking the cycle of poverty and incarceration. READ MORE>

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